Affordable Local SEO Services

Affordable Local SEO Services

Finding the best local SEO services that are also affordable can be a challenge. Local SEO in your area can still work! We have our system down so we can offer our services far more affordable than other SEO agencies.

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Throughout our trial and error testing, we have figured out what works and what doesn’t we cut all of the fluff from your packages and only left in the essentials to grow your local business with SEO.

We cut some of the work in our packages but still get the same amazing results as we saw some things were actually not that great for SEO so we decided to cut the fluff and get right to the result-driven methods we have tested and tried over and over again.

What are local SEO services?

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Local SEO is very much similar to regular SEO, but instead of targeting traffic all over the country or even internationally, you are targeting people in just a specific place. If you are a dentist in Bellevue Washington you don’t want people from colorado seeing your business as they won’t come and get their teeth done at your place.

The same is true for every type of business you need to attract people through SEO that will actually come and check out your business. So we developed an assortment of affordable local SEO campaigns to get your going and ranking in the local search results.

What we do to help boost your local SEO rankings!

Local SEO has a lot to do with regular SEO, but there are a few things regarding GMB or google my business that can heavily affect your website’s local rankings.

Local SEO isn’t that difficult if you do it right and use the tools that are provided to you by Google. For starters, we use google certified SEO strategies that will not negatively impact your website and are said by google to helo your site in the local rankings.

Many agencies that provide affordable local SEO services don’t use the best strategies because since they are being paid less they use oftentimes spammy and not super google friendly ranking exploitations to obtain the rankings you want.

This is great for them as they show you fast results, they get paid and they barely do much work. But, your website can suffer from these spammy and bad practices. Your website might do well for a while, but when it comes to a new algorithm update your website can drop in the rankings due to google changing and preventing malicious ranking and SEO services.

Google my Business

This is the most important and powerful tool in any search engine optimization toolkit, GMB is an amazing tool for local SEO and allows you as a business owner to connect directly with customers. As you can see from the graphic GMB signals account for over a quarter of all local SEO ranking signals.

Your customers can even book appointments, check reviews, and ask questions on your google my business page! This makes it an amazing customer engagement portal that your company can make use of to start increasing those conversion rates and getting more clients into your door!

What we do is take the time to curate a fully optimized and supported google my business listing in which you can then answer questions, write stories, and just get a better personal touch towards your customers. This will help you get to know your customers more and allow them to view your business as a whole from one place.

local SEO ranking signals

Instead of your potential customers viewing your business from your website they can access all of the information they may need about your company and ultimately they can even book an appointment, or convert with any predetermined CTA or call to action!

Google my business also is a very big ranking factor. Since google values and ranks trustworthy authoritative websites higher in the search engines, Google uses GMB to help learn about the trustworthiness of your company.

Google uses the reviews posted by real customers on your GMB page to rank you better on google. Have you ever wondered how companies get ranked or become viewable in the map pack?

Map Pack result for seo new york

Well, companies rank higher on the map pack by providing google more information about their company through their gmb listing. Ultimately reviews also play a huge role in how highly a business gets ranked in the map pack as well.

Map packs on average for local businesses generate about 50% of the clicks for any given keyword. That means that if you don’t rank highly on the map pack and aren’t visible after searching your focus keyword you will be missing out on 50% of the volume to your keyword to your competitors.

Do you really want your competitors to be taking 50% of the traffic just because they are ranked higher than you in the organic map packs?

Well, that is how we can help! We will help you rank higher in the local search engine results for m0ore affordable than other traditional search engine optimization services so you can start to generate more leads and traffic to your website and business.


Citations are also a very impactful local SEO strategy. Citations help your business by becoming more trustworthy, and also in the process of getting citations to your business you will also be generating high-quality backlinks to your website. And, we all know how important backlinks can be to your overall rankings but also your local rankings.

Building the right citations can be difficult and can oftentimes lead to problems with your search engine optimization strategy, that is why we work with trusted partners and citation websites to ensure your citations are the best they can be.

Building bad citations can cause many websites to be viewed as spammy, it makes sense if a spammy website were to give your website a citation and backlink, then google and other search engines will then think your website is spammy.

That’s not what you want and will harm your rankings so building citations from credible websites and sources can be an easy way to increase your authoritativeness and boost your local SEO rankings.


This might be a super obvious one, but we see clients every day that have the wrong, or outdated information posted somewhere on the internet. This can not only confuse your customers if one of your phone numbers is outdated but it can also confusing the search engines while they are crawling your website.

A confusing search engine is the worst thing you could have for your website, you want to make sure all of the crawlers, and indexers can understand all the information on and regarding your website. We will go through your citations and any other off-page sources and make sure all of the information regarding your website is accurate and up to date.

NAPs or Number Address Phone Number is an important ranking factor for local search engine optimization. If Google or any other search engine sees varying information about your website it won’t know how real or trustworthy your site is so it will be less inclined to rank it higher than the competition. So, we have you covered with this important ranking signal.


Reviews account for about 15% of all of the ranking signals for local search engine optimization. Reviews tell potential customers the good the bad and the ugly about a business. In most cases before trying a new restaurant, or plumbing service a person will check the reviews and make a decision on what other people have said about that given business or service.

google my business reviews

We help your business increase your reviews so more people will end up trying out your business over your competitors. There is no way to obtain reviews other than time which is a good thing since people can’t just go around and buy reviews, but waiting is slow and boring.

We help your business curate a review incentivization plan where your customers will be incentivized to leave reviews. It may cost your company a bit of money upfront, but once you have the reviews you will keep them forever and continue to reap the benefits them.

The most popular way to incentivize a review is by offering a discount for the review. This way people won’t be pressured to leave anything but an honest review. The alternative is to add some CTA’s (call to action) to your website in strategic places to help guide people to ultimately leaving a review.

We will put in place the systems to help your business build their review profile that will ultimately lead to an increase in rankings and clients to their business. We know what does and doesn’t work for review building so let us take that off your hands!

Mobile Optimization

This is important for all websites but especially in the local market. Having a well-optimized mobile-friendly website can lead to increasing your online marketing campaigns and ultimately help with your SEO. If you know your competitors and local companies are not doing much for optimizing their website then this will be an easy tweak you can make on your website to see some quick and great results regarding your traffic.

Google wants to share your website with people, but if your website isn’t working well on mobile devices then they would rather show your competitors instead of you if they have better more mobile-friendly websites.

We optimize your website for mobile visitors so you will be ranked higher than your competitors that may not be optimized for mobile traffic! This often takes some code and theme changes, but leaves your site lightweight and working perfectly on mobile.

mobile optimization

Local SEO Keyword Research

Keyword research if you ask any SEO strategist is one of the most important pillars of SEO. Keyword research is a pillar of SEO and if you already know how to do basic keyword research then you will be already knowledgeable in this field, but local SEO keywords are a bit different than regular keyword research.

This is due to you targeting localized clients and businesses instead of targeting national or international traffic. For example, let’s say you run a dentist company in San Diego, CA, you won’t want to be targeting best dentist as you will be getting traffic from all over America. Someone living in colorado or NYC won’t be able to come down to your dentist in San Diego so it isn’t worth putting effort into targeting a national keyword.

ahrefs to find local keywords

Instead, if you were too targeted keywords like dentist San Diego, yes you may not be tapping into as big of a market, but the traffic you get onto your website will be much higher intent and will be able to come to your businesses instead of national keywords.

Doing keyword research for local SEO is something we specialize in. There is no point to be targeting a keyword that has too much competition or will take way more work than it’s worth to rank for.

This is why included in the local SEO service we provide our insight and plan for local SEO keyword research. If you are a small business just starting out and wanting to get more traffic and qualified leads then our strategy will help you gain headway in the local SEO rankings without hurting your pocket. We have been helping small businesses get more qualified leads than other SEO companies for years with our amazing affordable SEO packages.

Start rising to the top of google search results with our Local SEO focuses and efforts proven to help your business thrive in this everchanging market!


What is the main piece of the SEO puzzle? Well, I would argue that it is good content. Having well-optimized content and an overall optimized site will boost your rankings and traffic to places you could never conceptualize.

Throughout the continuous google algorithm updates, content is becoming more and more important for the makings of a well-optimized website. If all of your local competitors have lousy and boring content then google won’t want to send traffic to that website. They can measure bad content in various different ways, but the main way is dwell time. Dwell time is how long someone stays on your website before they move off. If google starts sending traffic to your site and increases your rankings, but they see your dwell time is much lower than your competitors they will know the content isn’t that great.

This will cause your website to be pushed further down in the local SEO rankings. One way we make sure your content is great is by reading, and editing it with our in-house content marketing and strategy team.

They will break down your content and build it back up into a beautiful fully optimized and formatted article for optimal results! Other than optimizing existing content we also (depending on what SEO package you choose) will write content for your website to increase your website’s overall word count and page count. This can also really help with rankings due to topical relevancy. Our content team will take all the burden off your hands and start pumping out amazing captivating articles and pages for your website!

How we keep prices affordable for local SEO

Affordable varies from business to business, some local businesses will want to take their local SEO service to the next level and start to really start to buckle down pay more money to see the results they want.

Some businesses may just want to start out with SEO and see the potential. It really is unique to each business, and that is why we ensure we can accommodate every business no matter how big or small they are.

The great thing about SEO is it is modular, for local business there are a few things we can do to start increasing traffic to your website. We can look at your website and identify the most cost-effective strategy we can implement to get you the best result.

Since SEO is not an all-or-nothing marketing strategy if your business wants SEO help but doesn’t have a huge budget we can implement a strategy that we know will work and not the bigger more expensive strategies that take longer and are more difficult to implement.

We come up with a custom plan for every website and business to ensure you are getting what we need/want from our local SEO services!

Why some SEO Services are cheaper than others

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We often get leads saying well this other agency can do this for cheaper. We get it you want to get the best deal you can get.

We want that too! But, SEO is not built the same from agency to agency, some agencies that only charge a few hundred dollars a month are often doing black hat tactics that can compromise your website and make it very easy for google to go through the crawl and see you have been doing some spammy and natural SEO.

Then Google can punish you by taking your rankings away from you but also they can in the worst of cases a penalty that will restrict a website from ranking for any keyword.

We hear it all the time, “we were paying another agency to do our SEO, but after an update or just out of nowhere our website lost all its rankings and we couldn’t get them back.”

We have been doing SEO for quite some time and know the feeling of losing rankings overnight and not really knowing why.

Most of the time it is due to an agency doing some black hat strategies that can harm your website and get it penalized.

This is why some agencies are able to charge less and keep their prices low. They are using outdated strategies and strategies pre-determined by google as spammy which can really harm your rankings. These strategies are often cheaper and therefore agencies can charge less and attract more clients with their lower than competitive prices.

Search Engine Optimization for your Local Business

We are your local SEO consultant if you have any questions or concerns reach out to us to see. We offer a free video audit for you complementary. In this audit, we go through your website and identify a potential SEO strategy you could implement on your business listing and website to help your bank better.

We go into depth on your real website and find the exact things you could be doing to help boost your local search ranking overall! Find out the true potential of local SEO and what it has to offer for your website.

We will make your business more visible to search engines and potential customers, and can provide rankings that will continue to benefit your website and business for years to come with free organic and high intent leads that advertisements and PPC just can’t compete with.

Have you ever looked up something and be bombarded with ads, well it happens to me all the time and makes me not want to click on any of them as they paid to be there. I click on the top organic results as they are the most credible and didn’t just pay their way to the top, and most people do the same.

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