Long Beach SEO

Long beach is a beautiful city on the south coast of California boasting just under a 500,000 population. This beautiful city is home to people and businesses from all over. With all of these amazing restaurants, dentists, bakers, and all other types of businesses that call Long Beach their home there is, unfortunately, a lot of competition for all types of businesses in long beach.

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Blaine Watkins

You as a business owner don’t love competition, yes it’s great as it pushes each business to be better. But wouldn’t it be great if every customer came in your door instead of your lousy competitors?

Well, this could be a reality with SEO or Search engine optimization. You could start getting more new customers than you know what to do with and I am sure that is a problem you want for your business!

We offer digital marketing and SEO services to help your business start to get a boost post-pandemic. Our specific SEO strategies have proven themselves over and over for local businesses in the long beach area.

Using our local SEO strategy we get more foot traffic into your door than traditional PPC advertising which can in most cases even cost more than organic website traffic.

So what does our long beach SEO team do?

We run a specific long beach SEO campaign that has provided value and a boost in local rankings for many businesses. Each city, industry, and niche is unique when doing SEO so we have internal meetings before committing with a potential client to ensure we can get the results our clients are looking for and a successful campaign for the long beach SEO market!

Our custom plan involves an internal meeting where we discuss everything SEO-related to your website and internet marketing. This makes our plans flexible and unique for every client so we can best ROI or return on investment as we can.

There are certainly more cost-effective things we can do to optimize your website while still achieving affordable SEO packages for the clients that do want to spend more and do more we can alter our plans to do more to get better and faster search engine optimization results.

We go through not only the basics of SEO but also the more technical SEO strategies that are often more difficult for individuals and other less experienced agencies. We handle all of the technical SEO so you don’t have to. This can make a huge improvement in your website’s rankability as if you have any fundamental issues preventing you from ranking once we fix them your site will be a beacon for new growth!

What we do to improve your Search Engine Optimization

Keyword research

This is one of the most important things pillars of SEO keyword research is important as without understanding what keyword you’re targeting on your website you won’t be fully optimizing your website.

We go through and find the most effective keywords for your website. We will do a competitor analysis and find some high ROI return on investment keywords that your website could rank for quickly and see fast long beach SEO results regardless of your keywords.

Technical SEO

Long beach is a competitive area for all types of businesses. We will go through your website and find possible improvements and tweaks we could make on your website to see quick search results.

Page speed is an easy fix that can see big improvements to your website. Page speed is a key high ranking factor that is becoming more and more relevant in the modern age. This is a complicated task that involves lazy loading, caching systems, and overall web design. We have sped up dozens of websites and we know what works to ensure your website is loading quickly for user experience and also as a ranking benefit.

Site Health

For long beach SEO, website health is an important thing that needs to be taken care of on your website if you want to rank your website on search engines. If you have a fundamental problem with your website and you are unaware of it then you may be fighting a losing battle if you don’t get it fixed.

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We will crawl your website with various tools to ensure your site is running well and all the rankability factors are taken care of. This can encompass 4xx errors where your links may be going to broken links or internal 4xx errors where you may have changed a page URL but not redirected it.

There are lots of different health issues that alone don’t hinder your site’s rankability, but once built up and combined can drastically harm your website’s ability to rank for those specific terms you are targeting for.

Content Curation

At SEO Bubbles our SEO experts swear by content for SEO improvements. We believe that the more topical relevancy and content a website has the more authority to rank for similar terms. We will curate blog, and even social media marketing content for your website to ensure you are doing everything possible to rank for those keywords!

We have an in-house writer that will handle writing some blogs that are related to your target keyword. We will do expert keyword research to ensure the blog topics are beneficial and right for your site. As well as the ability to rank for them, there is not really a point in writing blogs that will never be ranked on google.

We know this so we only choose keywords and blog topics that we know will be easy for your site to rank for and you will be able to bring in new possible leads from.

Strong Long Beach SEO Ranking Improvements

We know what it takes to rank for long beach keywords for local businesses. There are a few things that can help out your website rank in the local map pack, by utilizing citation building, google my business optimization, and review outreach and optimization.

About 50% of all clicks for local keywords go towards the local map pack. This makes it even more vital that we rank your local long beach company in the map pack. This will help generate more high intent traffic to your website and more leads will follow along with the traffic.

By optimizing your google my business listing we can get you ranked on the map pack quickly which will be a quick win while we work on the rankings and content of your whole website.

Seo takes time which is the problem we have for the most part with clients, SEO is not an optimize and start ranking marketing strategy. It requires constant updates and optimizations to stay on top of the search results.

We take pride in our work which allows us to stay on top of the curve and future proof our client’s websites to make sure their websites don’t dip in rankings when new google algorithm updates roll out.

long beach dentist map pack

SEO Tracking and Reporting

Most SEO agencies in long beach adopt the trust me reporting protocol. We have seen it, they just tell their clients that it is going well, but never give the actual analytics reports or what they are doing.. We have seen this happen on multiple occasions, agencies don’t keep clients in the loop and it leads to confusion among both parties, and also doesn’t lead to a strong relationship.

We aim to prevent this by adopting an easy way of staying in contact with our clients using a project and client managing tool. This allows us to constantly keep our clients in the loop regardless of what is happening.

As well as our project managing tool we also have adopted a month-to-month reporting model. We know your business is busy (especially with the new leads we are providing!) so we have a set schedule of reporting and meeting with our clients at the end of every month.

In these meetings, we discuss our online marketing ventures and how their website is doing in the search engines. Our in-house SEO experts will discuss the metrics of the client’s website, as well as competitor analysis if needed, and the overall of what we are doing on their website to improve search traffic.

This is all involved in our long beach SEO strategy and allows us to build a long-term trusting relationship with our clients and improve search marketing for your small business in long beach!

On-Page Optimization

on page optimization computer with charts

We work with websites struggling with their on-page optimization and help them overcome common SEO struggles. We ensure the content of your website has strong readability scores which helps with UX, UI. We check for header structure, interlinking, and a wide range of other factors we can improve on. 

Off-Page Optimization

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Optimizing off-page assets is just as important as on-page but takes a little more work. We build backlinks with proper anchor text ratios to your website for optimal results as well as showcase pages to improve your overall brands image!

Technical SEO

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We cover all of the technical SEO aspects so you don’t have to! From your health report and fixing common errors affecting your site’s rankability. As well as the constant upkeep of alt tag, meta description, schema and various other aspects involved with technical SEO.

Page Speed Optimization

Google’s core web vitals algorithm update is out and means your site needs to be optimized for speed more now than ever! We make sure your site loads fast so your bounce rate decreases! We check and fix any CLS (cumulative layout shift), LCP (Largest Contentful Paint), FID (First Input Delay) issues to ensure your site is running and loading smoothly.

Content Marketing

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Content is a king as many experts in SEO say. With more quality optimized content on your website, the traffic and visitors to your site will see a noticeable increase. We create a results backed custom content plan that will ensure your website is taking advantage of every avenue it can!

Conversion Rate Optimization

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The goal of every website is for a visitor to convert. This conversion could be as simple as making a sale, filling out a questionnaire, or more detailed and involving more than one interaction. We make sure your conversion funnel is fully optimized to increase the number of conversions on your site.