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Why get SEO Help?

Over 75% of all organic searches land on the top three positions in Google. This means that if you are not ranked top three for your target keyword there is less than 25% of the traffic to share with you and everyone else ranking for the keyword. 

This means it is vital for you to rank at least the top three for your target keyword. Otherwise, if your target keyword has a volume of 100 searches a month and you rank fourth you will only be getting around 4 clicks to your website from 100 searches. Which means you have to be ranking top three on google otherwise all of your other content and SEO efforts are for nothing. 

Another important aspect is SEO being much cheaper than PPC advertising, instead of paying every time you get a click onto your website like PPC with SEO you can pay an SEO agency to do your SEO for you, and then you will not have to continually pay for every click in an unsustainable way as you do for PPC.

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We have been working with Santa Barbara Local SEO clients for a while now, and we are looking forward to helping more business develop a competitive advantage. Search engine optimization in Santa Barbara is an organic way to receive more traffic to your website without having to pay for individual ads, or per click which is typical with regular advertising. 

For example, if you run a small wedding planning business in Santa Barbara, and you want to come up first when people search Santa Barbara wedding planner then you have to optimize your website for that keyword.

There are lots of different ways you can go about that, so we will break down what is SEO, how it benefits local businesses, and how you can utilize it to grow your brand and business!

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What is Santa Barbara Search Engine Optimization?

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SEO is the process of optimizing your website for search engines such as Google, Bing, or anything else. All of these search engines are based on algorithms, so pleasing these algorithms, as well as the users, is what SEO is all about. This helps rank websites, as once we have optimized a website fully then Google wants that site to rank above the others since it is a better fit for the search query.

What do we optimize to achieve results?

Asking this question makes perfect sense, you want to know how we are able to achieve results that we boast of every time! Well, it depends on the client, the circumstance, and the niche but I will run through just about everything that we optimize to ensure any of the websites we work on are ready to take on the competition!

Technical SEO

SEO itself is already fairly technical, but ensuring your site is running smoothly, fast, and without errors can be a tricky task. This is one of the first things that we look into when we are first getting started on a new project. The technical base of a website is vital to continued success. Since Google wants to provide its users with the best results possible, having errors or a slow loading website won’t cut it anymore and your site will get replaced by the competition. 


We go about this very methodically as rushing this step can lead to further problems in the future, we have a set plan of how to speed up a website, then we identify any errors or warnings and go about manually fixing and inspecting them to ensure everything is safe, optimized and most importantly, secure!

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On-page Optimization

This is arguably one of the most important aspects of SEO. What exactly is on your individual pages and your website is a huge factor of what is and isn’t going to rank. If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. If you have a page that is all about surfboards, then you can’t expect it to rank for skimboard keywords. Google is smart, but it isn’t that smart, you have to identify what you want each page to be ranking for, and then give Google all of the information it needs to properly rank your page.

What we do is we look through your pages, and the keywords you would like to be ranking for, then we identify what the competition is doing to rank above you. This takes heading structure, word count, keyword density, and much more into account. 

Off-page Optimization

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This is equally as important as on-page optimization, but is done in a different way! Off-page is anything that happens off of your website, this accounts for citations, backlinks, social signals, and a whole variety of things. This is a bit harder to accomplish as with on-page optimization we can c make the changes necessary on your website directly, but we oftentimes can’t control what happens on other people’s websites. We have strategies in place which allow us to build high-quality backlinks which help increase search presence. Our strategy also involves building citations to build your business’s trust, and in some cases social and PR to aid with the SEO campaign.

Google My Business

Local businesses have a hard time outranking those major players. If we look at an example, when I look up wedding planner Santa barbara I mostly see huge sites such as the knot, wedding wire, or yelp ranking on the first page. They control the rankings since they have been around for longer. This oftentimes forces local businesses to pay yelp, the knot, and other sites to be placed on the list. We want to cut out the middle man, why should a potential client search up what they want, then have to look through a yelp to contact a business. Having your business ranked on the first page is the best way to get clients and in some cases, it can be difficult and take time. 

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That is why Google my Business was created! It is a way local businesses doesn’t have to compete with large business that don’t provide the product, or service you or your business does! We optimize Google my business listings to ensure you can be listed and take advantage of the Google my Business section. This area uses a different algorithm than the regular search results which makes it a unique optimization challenge!

On-Page Optimization

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We work with websites struggling with their on-page optimization and help them overcome common SEO struggles. We ensure the content of your website has strong readability scores which helps with UX, UI. We check for header structure, interlinking, and a wide range of other factors we can improve on. 

Off-Page Optimization

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Optimizing off-page assets is just as important as on-page but takes a little more work. We build backlinks with proper anchor text ratios to your website for optimal results as well as showcase pages to improve your overall brands image!

Technical SEO

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We cover all of the technical SEO aspects so you don’t have to! From your health report and fixing common errors affecting your site’s rankability. As well as the constant upkeep of alt tag, meta description, schema and various other aspects involved with technical SEO.

Page Speed Optimization

Google’s core web vitals algorithm update is out and means your site needs to be optimized for speed more now than ever! We make sure your site loads fast so your bounce rate decreases! We check and fix any CLS (cumulative layout shift), LCP (Largest Contentful Paint), FID (First Input Delay) issues to ensure your site is running and loading smoothly.

Content Marketing

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Content is a king as many experts in SEO say. With more quality optimized content on your website, the traffic and visitors to your site will see a noticeable increase. We create a results backed custom content plan that will ensure your website is taking advantage of every avenue it can!

Conversion Rate Optimization

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The goal of every website is for a visitor to convert. This conversion could be as simple as making a sale, filling out a questionnaire, or more detailed and involving more than one interaction. We make sure your conversion funnel is fully optimized to increase the number of conversions on your site.