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Bellevue is a bustling city in Washington. With a current population of 144,403 people as of 2019, it is no question that many people are living and working throughout the city. 

With all of those people and more and more moving to Bellevue you need to help your business stand out and start ranking for your target keywords so you can dominate the local and national SEO scene with your website. 

Don’t you want to dominate over your competitors and start ranking for more lucrative and cost-effective keywords? 

Well by utilizing the growing market and power of free traffic to your website from SEO you can do just that and start receiving more traffic, leads, and customers from your website. 

Search Engine Optimization

Help yourself and your business grow instead of letting all of your competitors dominate the SERPS (search engine results page) as they are taking advantage of SEO and you may not be. 

Bellevue already has a lot of local businesses ranking and taking spots in the rankings for many keywords you may need to be ranking your business for. 

You don’t want other businesses to be taking advantage of an SEO provider and start ranking for the keywords you want your Bellevue business ranking for. We will help you no matter how smaller or large your website is and turn your website into a fast lead-generating machine for the Bellevue area!

As a Bellevue Seo company, we know what does and doesn’t work as we have seen what has and hasn’t worked in the past. We have gone through the trial and error process and become SEO experts and we have an exact plan of what will work for your Bellevue website! So you can rest assured we will help you conquer the search engine results page.

Custom SEO roadmap for Bellevue!

Why Get Search Engine Optimization Help?

Search engine optimization is one of the most important marketing ventures your Bellevue businesses website can do to start really getting serious with your website and digital marketing. Our search engine optimization plan can help your business regardless of the size, industry, or any other factor.

Most people when they think of getting traffic to their website just think well I will go with paid advertising or PPC from Google. Here is an example of PPC. This dentistry company paid for advertising and so they show up as the first result when you look up Bellevue Dentist.

This is a nonsustainable way to get traffic to your website as instead of improving your website with an SEO expert you are just paying for every click you are getting to your website.

Yes, you are getting traffic to your website but not in the best way as you are paying for every click landing on your website instead of getting the clicks organically by utilizing SEO.

Free SEO Video Analysis

PPC advertising for dentist bellevue

Our SEO group helps you by ranking your website on google so you can stop paying for every click to your website and start getting leads that are more interested and higher intent. Meaning they are more ready to convert than those who come to your website from PPC or pay per click.

With pay per click, you are not paying for anything but traffic, but with SEO you are also paying for web design, conversion optimization, email marketing, traffic, social media help, user experience improvement, and many other overall improvements that are ranking factors.

Your SEO success depends on you. understanding SEO really in-depth or hiring an SEO team who can provide SEO tips for your business to ensure your website takes the most beneficial route with your website!

Should you do SEO by yourself?

Yes, if you have the knowledge to do your own SEO then you should for sure go ahead and do your own SEO. If you don’t have the best knowledge of Bellevue SEO but want to learn then send us an inquiry about a video analysis we do for free about your website where we give you some good starting points to help your SEO efforts.

If you don’t know much about SEO or don’t really want to add more to your overflowing plate then allow us to help you out with your SEO efforts. We are a Bellevue SEO Company with laser focus and commitment to help you dominate the SEO area for your business in Bellevue!

If you don’t know really much about SEO but know the lucrative value it can provide then might want to consider contacting our team of SEO experts so we can see if you are a good fit. If anything, we can do a free consultation for you so you can see what opportunities your website has and then act on them yourself! 

Since we work directly with our clients and have a real personal connection we offer FREE SEO Video Audits to anyone interested so we can give you some SEO tips and then progress there with a meeting to discuss your goals and anything else you may have questions.

We hold a high standard for customer service and a personal connection with our clients so we ensure we can not only complete your SEO goals but build a trusting relationship that can grow into a long-term success story for both of our businesses.

This is why we hold high accountability and standard for our introductory meetings to weed out any potential clients that aren’t too serious about taking their website and SEO to the next level.

Bellevue SEO Company


These are the top three results for dentist Bellevue and as you can see from the SEO tool we use (ahrefs) the top three dentists aren’t doing anything too special, but they can dominate the traffic of this keyword. 

We can see that the top result is getting 187 traffic a month to their website just for ranking number 1 for this SEO keyword. 

All of these are high intent leads and they are all going straight to their website where they will be able to easily convert them to coming into their business and spending money.

This is just an example for dentists in Bellevue but try out your industry and location and just see how much traffic the top website is receiving. This will help you get a true assessment of how many potential customers will go to your competitors instead of your business. 

top three serps for dentist bellevue


Try some SEO by yourself!

You can check their traffic and other SEO metrics by using a free tool called ubersuggest you can put their URL into the service and see how much traffic they are getting or put your main focus keyword into ubersuggest and see how much volume (how many people are searching that term a month) to see just how vital SEO is for you.

You can also get more in-depth search metrics by using the paid tool ahrefs, which is what we at SEO Bubbles use and you will be able to really get granular with your search. Both of these are great SEO tools but it is just up to you and what kind of tool you need.

writing a report with notepad and computer

What does our Bellevue SEO Agency do?

We are the one-stop for Bellevue SEO company we handle all of the basic and more technical SEO services that you may or may not have even heard of. Almost everyone has heard of keyword research and health audits, but often many business owners haven’t heard of schema and the importance of site speed.

We help with every single aspect of SEO throughout the whole process of optimization. Every site is different and unique and every niche also vary from location to location so we create a custom search engine optimization roadmap for every client to ensure our resources are being directed at the opportunities that will pay off

Health Score

In the custom roadmaps, we cover issues with site health including redirect chains, 404 errors, and also other less vital warnings like 300 errors and orphan pages. Your site’s health score has a huge impact on its ability to rank highly on google and taking care of your website’s health issues can help you jump in rankings and start ranking for lucrative keywords to bring you more leads and traffic to your site!

On-Page Optimization

We also help with on-page audits. If you are unfamiliar on-page optimization is a key search engine optimization factor. Doing website optimizations for on-page can drastically improve your rankings and also is quite easy as you don’t need to worry about anyone else doing things which is the case for off-page optimization.

As for this optimization process, we focus heavily on auditing your content to make it SEO-friendly. This includes alt tag work, meta tags and descriptions, SEO titles, interlinking, and keyword research. Alt tags are tags that should be placed on images to tell google and other search engines what the image is about. Since search engines don’t have the processing power to completely understand what each and every image is about us as SEO’s have to do some of the work manually. We put alt tags on your images which tell google exactly what each image on your site is.


Alt Tags

The goal for alt tags is to describe the image as you are describing it to a blind person.

As you can see the image is shows people in a business meeting with laptops and phones around them so that is exactly what I wrote as the alt tag for the image.

From the previous image, you can see that what google sees is a lot different than what we see. Search engines just see a bunch of code but the viewers of the website see the actual images and content and design instead of the code.

We write and make sure all of your alt tags are written because this gives Google more information about your website and makes it easier for them to understand the content on your website and rank you accordingly. This is a way of image optimization and can help out your website on-page SEO.

Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions are another on-page optimization we do and these are like image alt tags but instead of for images that are for whole pages. These pieces of code tell search engines what any given page is about. As well as helping search engines crawl your site, they also help potential traffic see what kind of things they can expect to see on your website before clicking on it. Here is an example of a meta description for the number one result for Bellevue dentist.

What search engines see vs what humans see for website design

alt tag for an image vs the image

meta description example


Interlinking is an essential part of on-page SEO strategy and can have a huge benefit on topical relevancy and rankings for your website as a whole. The way interlinking works is you link your content to other pieces of content on your website. So if you have a baking website and you are writing about how to bake a cake you could link to another one of your articles about how to make the fluffy cake batter. Since these two articles are related they can be interlinked easily and it tells Google that the two pages are related and gives google more information about the two pages.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research is part of our content audit optimization but it still has a rightful place among the other on-page optimizations we carry out. We do keyword research in a very concentrated and concise way the ensures our search engine optimization efforts will be targeting keywords that your website will be able to rank for. Not only do we want to find keywords that will be easy for you to rank for but we also want the keywords to be related, and worth it to rank for.

Real-world Bellevue Example

If it’s super easy to rank for Bellevue dentistry experts but there is no traffic searching this keyword up then we won’t waste time and resources on ranking that keyword if it won’t have a good ROI (return on investment). For our SEO campaign keywords are something we heavily focus on as we know the importance of great keyword research and content marketing to fully get the most out of your business’s website.


Off Page SEO

Our search engine optimization agency helps your website and business thrive using off-page SEO as well. Off-page is a bit different than on-page optimization as you often have to rely on other people for things like backlinks.

If you know anything about SEO then you probably have heard the word backlink been thrown around quite a bit. A backlink is a link from another website to your website. It is a huge ranking factor and helps google judge how authorities and trustworthy your website is.

If you are in the dentistry space and good housekeeping links to your website you will be seen as super trustworthy as a huge website linked to your website. This is why many people often buy backlinks without too much thought as they just think, well it’s going to help!

Well unfortunately not every link is judged the same and oftentimes backlinks can harm your website if not done in the correct way.

SEO Consultant

That is why it is best to ask an SEO consultant about backlinks and how to properly build them as if done wrong they can penalize your website and cut your rankings.

We are SEO experts and this is all part of our custom plan for each client, we will go through and do a competitor analysis and see how many links your site should be building and build them in safe google certified ways!

Google My Business

Another huge search engine ranking factor in google my business. Remember what I said earlier about how giving google as much information as you can is best for your rankability? Well, Google made a special tool called google my business or GMB which can be sued to give google information such as what your hours are what your verified email, phone number, and website is.

Google my business is especially important for local SEO and they use reviews you can receive on google my business as a search engine ranking factor which is a good thing for you as we can utilize this for Bellevue SEO!

SEO Tracking for your Website

internet bankroll ahrefs project

Many Bellevue SEO Companies don’t do the best jobs at keeping their clients informed about what they are doing SEO-wise on their website. We have seen this and that is why we keep a strict month-to-month reporting and meeting system.

Since SEO work is usually a month-to-month reporting and work schedule we use this to keep our clients informed of every SEO and website development task we are carrying out. This helps us provide the best customer service we can, but also we are able to stay on top of client’s goals and let them know how everything is going regardless if it is positive or negative.

Custom Metric Based Reports

We use a few tools that ensure our clients are always in direct contact and can reach us with any concerns or questions at any time! This helps us stay even more accountable and allows a more friendly and familiar way of contacting!

We also use a few reporting and recording tools that help us provide the best Bellevue SEO services. These tools send weekly or monthly reports (whichever is specified) to our clients about their keyword rankings, traffic fluctuations, and overall SEO and web development metrics that even someone unfamiliar with SEO can read!

Bellevue SEO Experts

If you are on this page then it shows we can do a great job with SEO and it proves what we have discussed about Bellevue is true and we can start to generate high intent leads to your website and business!

Let’s get in contact so we can show you exactly what we can help you achieve with your website to start helping out your business!

Become Familiar with SEO!

On-Page Optimization

on page optimization computer with charts

We work with websites struggling with their on-page optimization and help them overcome common SEO struggles. We ensure the content of your website has strong readability scores which helps with UX, UI. We check for header structure, interlinking, and a wide range of other factors we can improve on. 

Off-Page Optimization

two people collaborating over computer animated

Optimizing off-page assets is just as important as on-page but takes a little more work. We build backlinks with proper anchor text ratios to your website for optimal results as well as showcase pages to improve your overall brands image!

Technical SEO

four people collaborating over computer with technical

We cover all of the technical SEO aspects so you don’t have to! From your health report and fixing common errors affecting your site’s rankability. As well as the constant upkeep of alt tag, meta description, schema and various other aspects involved with technical SEO.

Page Speed Optimization

Google’s core web vitals algorithm update is out and means your site needs to be optimized for speed more now than ever! We make sure your site loads fast so your bounce rate decreases! We check and fix any CLS (cumulative layout shift), LCP (Largest Contentful Paint), FID (First Input Delay) issues to ensure your site is running and loading smoothly.

Content Marketing

guy writing on computer

Content is a king as many experts in SEO say. With more quality optimized content on your website, the traffic and visitors to your site will see a noticeable increase. We create a results backed custom content plan that will ensure your website is taking advantage of every avenue it can!

Conversion Rate Optimization

charts and money increasing with two people over computer

The goal of every website is for a visitor to convert. This conversion could be as simple as making a sale, filling out a questionnaire, or more detailed and involving more than one interaction. We make sure your conversion funnel is fully optimized to increase the number of conversions on your site.